"Kami WNI dan Semua WNI Punya Hak Sama"

I believe that using the term "naturalized player" is a form of distancing us from society. Naturalization is a process that we went through to become WNI, and once we are granted citizenship, we are no longer foreigners or naturalized players, we are simply Indonesian citizens like any other, and we should be treated as such.

With regard to the regulation of naturalized players, I think it is important to have an open and honest conversation about what is best for Indonesian football, and to take into account the contributions and skills of all players, regardless of their nationality or background. I also think that we can bring value to the league by sharing our skills and experiences with our teammates and the wider football community.

That being said, I am currently in talks to have a meeting with Mr. Erick Thohir in person to discuss this issue further. I believe it is important to listen to input and have direct communication in order to come to the best solution for everyone involved.

In my opinion, any regulation that limits the number of naturalized players or discriminates against them would be a violation of human rights. Naturalization is a legal process that is open to all individuals who meet the requirements, and once a person is granted citizenship, they are entitled to the same rights and protections as any other citizen. Discrimination on the basis of nationality or other factors is never acceptable, and it is essential that we uphold the principles of equality and fairness in all aspects of our society, including sports. I hope that the authorities will consider these principles when making any decisions about the regulation of naturalized players, and that they will work to create an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all players, regardless of their background or origin.

My focus right now is on playing for Persib Bandung and the Indonesian national team. I feel that there is still so much I can contribute to the development of Indonesian football and I am committed to doing so. However, I am always open to exploring opportunities to play abroad if the right opportunity presents itself. As a professional football player, it is important to continue growing and developing my skills, and playing in different leagues and countries can help me do that.

Ultimately, my priority is to contribute to the growth of football in Indonesia. I believe that Indonesian football has great potential and can be on par with some of the best leagues in the world. I see myself as a bridge between different cultures and a valuable asset in promoting greater understanding and collaboration between different football communities. I hope to use my experiences and skills to help elevate Indonesian football and inspire young players to pursue their dreams.

As a player, I believe in giving my best on the field and being a positive role model for young players and fans alike. I hope that the league and the football community as a whole can work together to create a fair and inclusive environment for all players, regardless of their background or nationality.
"Kami WNI dan Semua WNI Punya Hak Sama"