Something Needs to Change

To be honest. I think I don't even realize deeply, in what kind of situation we've arrived. How big of a tragedy this is.

However, when I start to think about all the people who have passed away, I freeze. All the family members who are in grief and left behind without saying goodbye to their loved ones, to their children. I'm speechless. I'm shocked this is reality.

I extend my deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims who lost their lives following this incident.

Another message that I would like to say is; Enough is enough.

I don't want to blame anyone, but I think the aspect that should be the focus of improvement is the system - match management, especially safety and security, should be the focus.

We all need to have a mindset and see everyone in the match; from the players, coaches, match officials, to supporters as humans. So that we can really respect each other. So we can see that they have family, friends, and loved ones at home.

The second one is about uncontrollable emotion. The crazy fact is that in Indonesia riots have become so normal. It shouldn't be like that. Never.

Football is a game, we can win, we can lose, we can celebrate and we can cry. That's the beauty of it. I'm sad that the beautiful passion of football here got often translated into uncontrollable emotions and pitch invasions.

I understand that, from a fan point of view, seeing the intention of this action has good intentions; to motivate and encourage players directly and personally. But I think it's the wrong way, especially if the action triggers others to do the same thing.

I think we all have a responsibility to protect football. We have experienced life without football during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we feel it ourselves as live is so empty without football. We players even need to do #AyoMainLagi movement. Remember?

Seeing the recent success of the national team should be a reflection for all of us. With the differences that exist within the team, both in terms of background, skin color, and role, we all set them aside. We have the same passion and goal for a better Indonesian national team.

In my opinion, this is the spirit that must be the mindset of every party who is a stakeholder in Indonesian football. From federations, operators, players, coaches, and supporters to the government, we must fight for a better Indonesian football.

I hope that this kind of human tragedy will not be repeated in the future. Something needs to change and it needs to change NOW!
Something Needs to Change