Dear Athlete, Use Your Voice!

Recently, we are in a happy moment as the things we are waiting for finally come. Yes, Indonesian football is back! And we can all see how the enthusiasm resonates.

With the good news is embracing us, although it is only still in the form of a warm-up tournament a.k.a preseason, I see a positive aura in all the faces of the players.

But I'd like to take a little step back. As someone who is not idle with this situation, but also gives a loud voice and mobilizes fellow players to vote so that football can be re-contested, I personally feel happiness.

Do you guys remember the #AyoMainLagi movement? I said to myself and told my fellow players, "Campaign #AyoMainLagi finally came to fruition and managed to make football back!"

I would like to share my opinion on the importance of a player's voice. Footballers everywhere, including in Indonesia, must have a "voice" that football stakeholders can listen to. We have to remember that football is if we equate it with a pyramid, then that player is the most important component in football. Therefore, make the best use of "sound".

For example in #AyoMainLagi, is a social movement that happens only on social media. But if we look at the reverberated and the impact on other stakeholders (including the voices of supporters), we can say the campaign succeeded in turning "votes" into policy. It's kind of a relay.

In the first 7 days alone, the #AyoMainLagi campaign immediately reached 8 thousand posts on Instagram, uploaded more than 70 athletes and gained 1.4 million interactions.

I also thank the fellow players who participated in the #AyoMainLagi campaign. See how we end up united. Different clubs are defended, but we are united because of the same anxiety we feel.

The message we're carrying out is not to point out who's wrong and who should move, but rather to how football's absence impacts the fates of the players, coaches, and even the people out there who rely on football.

I'm a fair person, and I appreciate anyone who manages to make football again, and I thank all parties.

Watch also my discussion with the Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports about the return of football.

But now our tasks will be different. We must now also set an example to act according to health protocols. And of course, we must use our voices to help promote positive campaigns to keep Indonesian football licensed to be contested.

Let's keep it together!

Marc Klok

Dear Athlete, Use Your Voice!