Storytelling is Amazing!

The 'Dream-Believe-Achieve' trilogy in a collaboration with Specs Indonesia is at the end of the story; Recently, I launched my newest product, 'Achieve' edition, and I am thrilled to be able to market with a storytelling approach. For me, the 'Dream-Believe-Achieve' trilogy is a big achievement outside of football.

Let me tell you all about building a brand. I repeatedly said. If you don't give the market the story to talk about, they will define your brand's story for you. I don't want to give my fate to someone else. I want to set my own story.

As an athlete, I am well aware that apart from being responsible for my performance on the field, I am also responsible for my life off the field. And I like the entrepreneurial stuff and try to combine that with my advantage of being in the middle of the sporting spectrum, an athlete.

I think the ability of sport to attract, engage, and retain fans from all demographics is unparalleled. Fans engage in creating the story in their own individual lives – how they relate to the players, teams, and sport. And as part of that industry, I know how to harness the power of that story in my way.

On several occasions, I also build engagement with the fans. Several times I greeted them and also held a giveaway. If fans feel friends with athletes, they become loyal fans, ready to stand up for us if something happens. We, the athletes, have an opportunity to engage consumers by showing different faces that highlight the human dimensions. That's why fans are our friends.

Origin Story

In marketing, to connect with consumers, brands must be authentic and have connectivity into consumers' lives. I'm sure many people are looking up to you. When you are on the stage, you are likely to get a spotlight, and I choose to be a person who can inspire many people. I started with the origin story, and it is about how I got started on this journey.

Starting with 'Dream', then supported by 'Believe', until finally managed to get the Achieve. Maybe for you, those three words are too much. But for me, it is motivation. I've heard wisdom; words are prayers. And I live off that motivation.

I then pinned those three words on the marketing strategy with Specs. By putting a story behind my purpose, fans connect with me on a more meaningful level by understanding my journey. On all trips, I present with various content on my social media and got an fantastic number of sales and tremendous social media growth.

See? Storytelling is amazing!

Have you ever thought about your origin story? What is the value that connects you with the fans? So how do you implement it in your life? That's all you know yourself. IHowever, if you want my help in executing your brand's story, I highly recommend that you join Status Pro Sport Indonesia, so we can learn together to develop your brand.

Thank you

Storytelling is Amazing!