Finally, My First 90 Mins

Hi guys!

The game against PSM Makassar was my first game after exactly 1 year without football.

The last game was on March 14, 2020.

I feel so happy and blessed, to be able to do what I love most again. I’ve been training for 1 year, on my own. Every single day. Training, to become better, fitter, faster and stronger.

Training to become a better version of myself.

It wasn’t easy. Because, the only motivation out there, was coming from Me, motivating me.

Yesterday the “beast got unleashed” and I was on the war field again. 90 min, fit and confident and injury-free. The result wasn’t what I expected, but most important is to take the positives out of it!

The team and players need time. We have just been together for 2 weeks of preparation.

Good players don’t automatically mean a good team.

Good teams get build by training, education and hard work. Don’t forget: CONFIDENCE!

Lots of work ahead, but so ready for it!

Finally, My First 90 Mins