Pepsi's Nutmeg Royale: Reminiscing The Glory Days of Football Ads

The communication landscape has changed, as well as how brands communicate with their audiences through advertisements. After years of not being exposed to storytelling football commercials, Pepsi finally came up and launched something that brings back our memories of the heyday of football advertising. They launched a commercial and sensational masterpiece: Nutmeg Royale.

Starring Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, and Paul Pogba, with the most 'crafty' techniques in world football, this video highlights the excitement of football ahead of the world's most prestigious event. As we all know, 'Nutmeg' is a huge source of mockery. The 'nutmeg' move was met with derision, and laughter was thrown at the unlucky soul who had just been seduced by the most cunning and humiliating of skills.

But in this opportunity, I don't want to focus only on the nutmeg movement. Instead, we're intrigued by the imagination that sparked the revival of commercial football videos, and this video is sure to become iconic for years to come.

I will try to analyze and break down the things that make this video so enjoyable:


The existence of famous soccer actors is the main attraction of this video. Lionel Messi, with his many achievements over the last 15 years; Paul Pogba, the world champion, with his various shrewdness and sensations; and Ronaldinho, the living legend and icon of football in the 2000s era, all acted brilliantly showing their actions and tricks. This character is the spice to strengthen this video. If you noticed, besides these three stars from various generations, accompanied by the iconic soundtrack of 'The Rockafeller Skkank' from Fatboy Slim, background voices from legendary commentator Peter Drury and messenger Fabrizio Romano.


Count how many things have relevance to many people today; the vibe of the Middle East (of course, because it's ahead of the World Cup in Qatar), the trend football console game, Iran 'Receba' Ferreira, the most awaited person to tweet Fabrizio Romano, and the magical words from commentator Peter Drury. But, trust me, more worthy content involving relevant issues can quickly get the public's attention.


Yes, that's right, because this video stars soccer icons, and the content reflects competitive football. Although the details of the game are far from what it should be and can be called street football, the principle remains whoever scores more - through nutmeg - wins. The fierce but happy battle between the home and away teams is one of the many things we can learn, even though they both want to beat and humiliate each other as the game progresses.

In my opinion, this video deserves the best video in the new era in which we live and communicate more digitally. Receba and football influencers on the social media of Luva de Pedreiro and Kaljit Atwal also prove that we are living in a new era. They took part, flaunting talent with the ball at their feet, and we can take the inclusion that football is poised to be part of the ambitions of generations to come.

Let's see if there is a brand that can beat this great Nutmeg Royale ad!

Pepsi's Nutmeg Royale: Reminiscing The Glory Days of Football Ads