The Modern Day Athlete

Have you ever asked why I use this term so often and what it means?

The concept that I often mention is about the athlete's ability to speak up on and off the arena. Finally, as athletes, we have a voice that is heard. We are in a privileged position because people continue to highlight, talk about, and for the most part, succeed in living their dreams.

People see athletes are special, and you all know the popular image of a sporting event is a deafening crowd with people cheering us as athletes for victory. Yet, athletes are coveted and idolized in many aspects, from their body, fitness, and lifestyle to popularity.

But what should athletes do with this? First, we should accept it and use it in the right way. Not once or twice, I often invite my fellow athletes to be aware of their capabilities and responsibilities off the field to many people.

Several times, I also perform stunts, which serve as examples to encourage athletes to use their voices and platforms to draw attention to their favorite things. But, again, this is what allows us as humans to develop.

Yes, performing at the training ground and the arena is mandatory daily. But performing off the field is also essential. We must improve our soft skills, develop networks, connections, and relationships, and build a personal image.

As athletes, we must start to be aware early to take advantage of our self-image. Take time to develop yourself. If you don't have time, invest (I hate to call it spending money) in people who can help take care of you and develop yourself and your personal brand off the field.

Make sure you're still a topic people will discuss, even after deciding to retire.
The Modern Day Athlete