Stop Online Bullying!

Humans make mistakes, you all make mistakes, and we all do. Moreover, we are football players, and we will not escape from mistakes. Witan, me, everyone, and even Messi, we could have made a mistake.

However, the worrying volume of bullying and resulting mental torture of athletes is too toxic to ignore.

Insults on appearance, performance, something about family, and many curse words need to be stopped. Footballers are people too, not robots, we have hearts.

If you're a person with a social account handing out abuse to the national athlete because you even can't be on the same level as the people you bully, please stop and see yourself out.

As athletes, we are very happy with criticism but not with insults. More needs to be done about online bullying in football.

Heads up, Witan. We are all together.
Stop Online Bullying!