Babymoon and Children's Dreams in Sumba

Hello everyone, I just arrived in Bali after four days in Sumba to refresh and see other life in Indonesia. It was an amazing trip and great nature there, but I've another thought about Sumba.

I have visited several places in Indonesia during my time as a football player, but this time I arrived in Sumba to see how rich and extraordinary this country is. When I arrived in Sumba, I immediately felt the smiles, friendliness, and warm greetings of the local residents.

Nihi Sumba was my choice to stay because of its complete facilities, comfortable atmosphere, close to the beach, but still showing local culture. Nihi Sumba has also twice been selected as one of the five best hotels in Indonesia in 2016 and 2017 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

I very much enjoyed my time there, very peaceful, refreshing, calm. The scenery there is also so amazing, white sand and clean beaches make me want to continue to be there. And even you can ride the horse on the beach! That was amazing. It feels like some scene in the movie.

My holiday was more complete because the food and hospitality were very great. As a person on a plant-based diet, I really enjoyed the food they served while I was there.

Actually, I did all this trip just with my wife as the last holiday for both of us because, in a couple of months, we will welcome our little baby and three of us can go on holiday again.

But, during my holiday, I thought of something. I saw that the local people did not have many choices in life. They may work in hotels, as teachers, fishermen, or farmers for a living. There are not many facilities that they can use to make their dreams come true.

I am sure the children of Sumba must have dreams and want to make their dreams come true. Maybe be a football player, as a doctor, as an architect, maybe as a minister or even a president.?

But, they're not in the ideal situation to get there. They are like being trapped and it will be difficult to hone their skills if they stay there.

I want to help them and do charity things for them. So, I want to give them an opportunity so they can believe. Dream again. And maybe become a football player. This is in line with what I want to do in Indonesia. I want to make a big impact here, especially in football.

If you want to join me for this charity, don't hesitate to contact me. And let's spread this kindness to others so we can help each other.

Marc Klok,

Babymoon and Children's Dreams in Sumba